Thursday, January 23, 2014

Transformation of the Seasons

The transformation of the seasons is well underway.

Grape Arbor's 2014 Gingerbread Inn
An early winter blanketed the Inn in December to greet guests, and visitors from across the sea. The Nutcracker collection adorned the sitting rooms, keeping company with sparkling Christmas trees, and visited by merrymakers for holiday parties. Art shows and gingerbread houses were created and disassembled. And the new year came with new hopes and ideas.

More parties to celebrate another transformation … and then we cleaned. We cleaned rooms and we cleaned our souls, making resolutions, making plans. The nutcrackers and Christmas trees moved back into their boxes, waiting for Thanksgiving day, when they will rise from their slumber, to begin the celebration again. 

Happy 2014. 
It is the beginning again. Farmer's can be seen all through the vineyards, trimming the vines that promise this year's juices and wines. And it is bitter work as the vines are dormant and suitable for pruning from January through March. The wind that blows off of Lake Erie can be brutal, sometimes reminding me of the biting Chicago cold. I am glad that pruning vines is not my job…I will remember to savor that glass of wine tonight, in honor of those pruner's cold fingers, noses, and toes.